Brenna’s dedication to and passion for her work are unparalleled. Mixing her wittiness with down-to-earth attitude, she’ll take you on the road to success and help you achieve your goals in no time. Brenna is authentic, genuinely curious, and seriously committed to helping her clients grow in their lives and businesses. She is results-oriented and very pleasant to work with. And I feel very lucky to have found her.
— Karina L. | New York, NY
I made $43,000 in 60 days and now run a multiple 6-figure business. Best investment I’ve ever made. I love what I do! Get to take my son to school every day and chaperone his field trips since he still wants me to go lol. Never thought this would be possible for me. You held the vision of who I was becoming, until I believed in that person, too. Thanks for helping me become the best version of me.
— Brian K. | Denver, CO
If you want to move forward in your life or business, Brenna’s coaching is invaluable. Her insight, support, and no-nonsense approach helped me gain the confidence to truly value myself and my skills as a musician and business owner. I feel that I offer a combined skill set that no one else can offer because it is unique to me, and that my time is worth whatever value I place on it. Consequently I not only raised my rates and now easily receive what I ask for, but am feeling more successful, powerful, grounded, and grateful.
— Dina B. | Seattle, WA
5 weeks ago I quit my job working 50+ hours a week at an agency with little room for growth. I always dreamed of starting my own business but the scarcity mindset I was stuck in was suffocating and I saw no way out. In those 5 weeks I turned 30, played poker in Vegas for the first time (and won), walked 55+ miles of the John Muir Trail, signed some dope clients and DOUBLED my income, and now make money talking about sports (2nd love to my amazing girlfriend). Feeling damn good. Cheers to even more.
— Dom G. | Seattle, WA