I help extraordinary leaders, visionary entrepreneurs, and wise women step into the best version of themselves to create Brilliant Lives rooted in personal power, self-expression, confidence, and influence.

There's several things I know about you:

You’re a passionate seeker with a strong mind and open heart.

You desire to live in alignment with what feels authentic, grounded, intuitive, and centered for you.

You feel called from your heart to unearth and confidently share your unique gifts with the world.

You want to be seen, heard, and valued for the powerful leader you are. 

You want to build your life on the foundation of joy, fulfillment, abundance, and service for yourself and others.

We're invited, moment by moment, through our challenges and opportunities, to remember who we really are, reveal our gifts, and choose to honor them.

For many years I struggled to understand who I was living for, what that meant, and how to live in alignment with what I most value in life.

It took a near-death experience at age 21 to set me straight and to not only understand, but appreciate the value of life and my purpose here to serve you today.

I believe extraordinary people, like you, have innate talents and gifts that ONLY YOU can bring forth and share with the world. It is my honor and joy to hold space for you to become your greatest, self-expressed, and most brilliant version of yourself. 

You know, the liberated script of you wholeheartedly and unapologetically pursuing what you want to experience, do, create, have and BE in your lifetime.

Because waiting for 'someday' means we're missing out. We're not guaranteed tomorrow, next week, or 40 years from now. Your power and your dreams are in this moment.

Choose yourself, and choose your life, right now.

My personal and professional journey has taken me around the world to study and bridge all things consciousness, energy, heart, mind, and soul. 

My mission is to help you unlock and amplify your unique brilliance to feel truly alive, inspired, and emboldened to live out loud, your wild and precious life. 

So, what brings you here today and how can I serve you?

With love,


Professional Bio:
8 Years Certified Neuro-Strategies (NLP and Hypnotherapy) Practitioner
College and semi-professional athlete
6 Years Program Management, Learning & Development, and Recruiting
11 Years Certified Yoga Instructor
Certified Structural Integration Therapist
Reiki 2 Practitioner
Fierce Leadership Training Certificate
National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) Graduate
NSCAA level "C" Coaching certificate
B.A. Communications

“Brenna is one of the most intuitive human beings I have ever met. She is incredibly present and has the ability to hear beyond what I am saying and speak to what I am feeling. I can’t recommend her enough.”
— Beth K. | Cincinnati, OH