You’ve always known you were meant to do something BIG.

You being true to yourself and elevating others means freedom, contribution, and forever learning.

You believe your greatest impact is a result of showing others what's possible by achieving your own dreams.

From one Audacious Babe to another:
It's time to get your party started! 


Your 90-Day Private Business Mentorship

Welcome to your new beginning.

(You've been looking forward to THIS chapter for a long time!)

Are you ready to...

  • Create and launch your own highly-profitable dream business?
  • Replace fear and self-doubt with confidence and clarity to get the business results you desire now?
  • Live life on your terms – working and playing around the globe and having $10K+ months as your new “normal”?
  • Design and sell high-end coaching packages for $2,500, $5,000, or better yet, $10,000?
  • Bridge your purpose and passions and support the coolest clients in up-leveling their own lives?

hell yes! this sounds amazing, what'S THE NEXT STEP?

If you're ready to go, let's hop on a call and we'll make sure we're a match made in coaching heaven!

What's Included?

Your Private Business Mentorship will show you how to kick butt at the game you were truly born to play: Living in Your Zone of Genius! You will get the guidance, skills and tools you need to accelerate your business success from Day 1.

No more guesswork or struggling alone! (Finally!)

You will receive:

  • A Signature Welcome Packet/Questionnaire
  • Weekly Business Training and Coaching: Twelve (12) 60-Minute Virtual Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Customized Coursework
  • Additional Resources and Access to Industry Experts
  • Email Accountability and Support

What's Covered?

You are one-of-a-kind, as will be your coaching and business content! With that said, getting your head on straight is a MUST for your business success, so Mindset Mastery will be highly emphasized. You will also create and install essential structures and systems to make running your business easy and effective. Here's what may be covered more in-depth.

Your Bold Desires

What lights you up? What brings joy and freedom to your heart? Get specific about how you truly want to live and develop a personalized roadmap to bring your dream life into reality.

Wealth Consciousness

Look at your current money story and identify the leaks that are draining your bank account and your dreams. Cultivate a healthy, intimate relationship with money to fund your business' growth. And fund your desired lifestyle. Learn how to manifest with purpose and power.

Branding YOU

Create your brilliant and powerful brand that articulates and personifies your high-vibin’ energy and attracts your ideal clients.  <mic drop>

Marketing + Social Media Mastery

Share your message and get visible! Select which social media platforms you want to use to drive traffic and make consistent, big impact to rapidly grow your engaged and eager tribe.

Website Development

Receive guidance and support in implementing your web presence through a stellar visual medium, copy that rocks (and sells) and allows you to begin reaching your target market right away.

Create Your Signature, High-End Package

Connect your passions, talents and skills into your premium offering.  This is your very own secret sauce that you’re pumped about, proud to deliver to your clients, and brings in the big bucks.

Mindset of the Rich

Release your mental clutter and learn how to move beyond the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your success. Create healthy boundaries that are integral to your success and step into your power by becoming the Queen of your reality.

Your Strategic Business Plan

Develop a strategic plan and set up the business systems and structures necessary for creating consistent income. Manage your time and prioritize the most impactful tasks on your to-do list as you grow.

Awaken Your True Self

Clarify your life’s purpose, reveal your ‘True Why’ and become the inspiring leader you are meant to be during this lifetime. Become your own #womancrush by owning the truth, beauty, and unique talents that make you, YOU.

Sales Game: Strong

Put yourself in the game. Make sales an authentic (and dare I say FUN) conversation! Feel confident in how you are serving your potential client. Discover the top sales objections and how to overcome them so you can start earning more, faster.

Discover Your Ideal Client

Identify who you are meant to work with, how to best serve them and where they can be found. Understand what ignites your tribe, and the trigger points that will turn them into raving fans and clients.

Market Research

Conduct in-depth market research to determine the needs, wants, and desires of your target audience.


Know that this program is meant for you?

Sweet, let's take the next step!
Schedule your Discovery Call so you can go from dreaming to CREATING the business and life you've always wanted!

“Brenna Joelle’s dedication to and passion for her work are unparalleled. Mixing her wittiness with down-to-earth attitude, she’ll take you on the road to success and help you achieve your goals in no time. Brenna Joelle is authentic, genuinely curious, and seriously committed to helping her clients grow their businesses. She is results-oriented and very pleasant to work with. And I feel very lucky to have found her.”
— Karina L. | New York, NY

Who Is Your Program For?



My 90 Day Private Business Mentorship is specifically designed for you, the heart-centered leader and the courageous visionarywho is ready to put in the work to create your own successful business that fuels your dream lifestyle.

I work exclusively with powerful, high-frequency women who value self-leadership, integrity, and excellence in their lives. 

It is my greatest joy to support your transformation and provide the guidance and tools that will yield exceptional results if applied.  

You can look forward to:

  • Transforming your brilliance into a business that allows you to make incredible money doing work you love.
  • Becoming financially free and generating 5-figure months working your desired schedule.
  • Increasing your self-confidence and making the mindset shifts necessary to experience long-term success.
  • Setting up proven business systems and structures that will make running your business a breeze.
  • Mastering sales conversations in a way that flows authentically for you and closes your ideal clients consistently.
  • Developing your on-fire brand that personifies you and powerfully attracts your tribe.
  • Receiving one-on-one guidance and support from a coach
    who has successfully navigated the journey you are about to embark on.

 Ready To Rock 'n Enroll?

The Audacious Babe B-School
90-Day Private Business Mentorship

$5000 USD


Let's make magic happen!

Book your Discovery Call and you'll get totally clear on whether The Audacious Babe B-School is right for you!

Why Me?

close up.JPG

Because I get you, and I’ve been where you are!

Even though I knew I was smart and savvy with a ton of great ideas, I couldn’t get out of my own way despite all of my knowledge, trainings, and years of experience. Can you relate?

I was so over wasting my own time, thinking I could figure everything out on my own because well, I hadn’t done it yet. And it’d been years.

Today I coach conscious women entrepreneurs, like you, on business mindset and wealth mastery. Because this is how quantum leaps take place! And I know you're all about big results. 

I'll help you ditch your excuses, tackle your fears, and lean into the truths that will set you free to create the extraordinary results you desire.

I am a walk my talk, straight-shootin’ woman with powerful gifts of insight and intuition. I'll hold the vision of who you are becoming and skillfully guide you there. (Psst...this is MY zone of genius!)

Listen, I know how scary, uncomfortable and overwhelming it can feel to prepare to take flight. I also know how much more painful it feels to remain stuck when you have big dreams to fulfill.

I will help you finally ‘get it’ – to know deep down in your soul, to the bottom of your toes - the feeling of freedom as you expand into your potential and not only see, but create the reality of your own greatness.

Finally, with the right tools and mindset mastery, your clarity and faith will outweigh your fear of stopping before you start. Believe me; I’ve been there and know what it feels like to stand on this uncomfortable ledge.

I see you, and I know what you are capable of. If you’ve read this far, I know that this is meant for you.

Your dreams exist in your heart for a reason and all that you desire is seeking you.

If you are ready to receive the support to create your most mind-blowing life,The Audacious Babe B-School is your golden ticket! 

Don't WAIT ANY LONGER TO CREATE the life you truly desire.