Powerful Wealth Mastermind for Leaders, Modern Queens, and Game-Changers.

Abundance in wealth, ideal clients, relationships, and the legacy you want to create are all intimately connected.

Are you ready to live the Rich Life you know you're capable of creating?

Imagine yourself 6-weeks from now....

Would you like to:

  • Eliminate your fears around generating consistent money, handling sales conversations, rejection, and making clear asks for what you want (in biz and life?)

  • Master the sales process and define your style of authentic, powerful relationship-building as a heart-centered marketer?

  • Empower your relationship with money, self-worth, and creative expression through inspired action and high-vibe support with results that literally knock your own socks off?

  • Connect with like-minded, game-changer women to amplify your success?

  • Align with the laws of abundance to receive graciously and with ease in all areas of your life?

  • Amplify your wealth consciousness and money mindset to create consistent $5K, $10K+ months in your business?

  • Create your Rich Life Profit Model that inspires and guides you beyond your 6-week challenge as a business owner?

  • Up-level your energy, magnetism, confidence, and success as the powerful, impactful leader you see within yourself?

If you answered, "Yes!" this private group Mastermind may be for you!

6-Week VIP Intensive for women entrepreneurs who are ready to claim their power and create a Rich Life of health, wealth, and impact as visionary leaders and empire builders.

The secret to living is giving.
— Tony Robbins

This Mastermind is transformational, wealth-focused, and action-oriented from the inside-out:

  • You'll Play the Money Game.
    • Create a visual tracking tool at our kick-off event to be used for accountability during the Mastermind. The purpose is to provide a game element to help you stay focused, engaged, and intentional about your activities. There’s no ‘winning or losing’ in this game, but you do need to commit to playing fully.
    • Check in weekly with the group to receive high-level coaching and training to keep you moving forward and adjusting your sales sails as needed. 
  • You'll Claim your Modern Queen-dom.
    • Expand your wealth consciousness, which is your relationship to money. We’ll also look at how your story around worth/value is affecting your business and transform that asap.
    • Understand who you are IN and WITH power, and have a safe space to practice BEING the Modern Queen you are, in business and life.
    • Learn the secrets to accessing your feminine power, to increase your personal magnetism and understand how receiving is the ultimate game-changer.
    • Master your sales conversations, proposals, and how to ask for what you want (AKA getting out of your own way!)

Results clients have created:

  • $3K in less than 24 hours

  • $5K in a week

  • $14K the first month of a new business venture, $29K the next month, and consistent, multiple 5 figures after that (never looked back!)

What's Included:

  • Comprehensive Welcome Packet: You’ll dive in before we start our Mastermind to share where you are in business and start the process before we get together. This will provide you with an outline and guide and allow me to get to know you and your business better.
  • 2 Live Events in Seattle: Kick off your Mastermind by meeting your sisters, and setting yourself up for success with the right tools, strategies, and clear action plan. Then, we’ll celebrate at the end with a fun evening out all dolled up to celebrate your hard work together! You’ll also have the opportunity for a ‘final challenge’ to practice your skills and tools as the Modern Queen of your life.
  • (6) Weekly Coaching Calls: Come with your questions, challenges, greatest fears and biggest dreams. Share what’s working and what’s falling flat. You’ll receive 1:1 mentorship from me and learn by actively listening to your peers. You’ll have a brief accountability check-in to provide an update on your Money Game challenge. All calls will be recorded if you cannot make it, and you’ll have the opportunity to submit a Question in advance, if so.
  • Power Partner: You’ll be assigned an accountability partner to check-in with on an agreed upon basis for peer support in-between our group calls. It’s up to you two how you define your relationship.
  • Private Online Forum: You’ll have an online space to give a shout-out, ask questions to your cohort, and receive e-coaching from me, as needed.

you'll learn through:

We're all about that Action, baby! You'll dive into experiential application from Day 1, receive high-level group e-coaching, a Power Partner, and a private online forum to connect with your Mastermind cohort. Plus, we’ll have two live events; a kick-off party and night-on-the-town graduation to celebrate your successes!

This is for you if:

  • You’re ready to come out of the proverbial closet and play big in your life
  • You want to 10x the money in your business
  • You’re ready to create visibility and use your voice as a powerful platform for transformation
  • You want to claim your power as a woman, Modern Queen, and successful entrepreneur
  • You’re a go-getter who commits to her decisions, has integrity, and is willing to play full out, even if you feel fear
  • You are curious, open-minded, and willing to take feedback but not take it personally so you can be your best damn self
  • You believe having the life of your dreams is possible and you’re ready to create it NOW
  • You take ownership of your personal actions and decisions and know that you are the ultimate driver of your life
  • You have a sense of humor and can laugh at yourself

This is NOT for you if:

  • You think you know everything/better and don't want help
  • You're not ready to play full out in your business and life
  • You let excuses, fear, judgments, or projections get in your way of changing
  • You prefer the Blame Game to the (making) Money Game
  • You don’t see creating cashflow as a top priority right now
  • You don’t desire to embrace your personal power or grow as a person
  • You have more excuses than reasons to change your way of M.O.
  • You can’t take a joke or laugh at yourself
  • You don’t take ownership of your life, decisions and outcomes

This VIP Mastermind is for 6 highly-motivated, committed business women only, and is by application only.

To be considered for the program, email hello@brennajoelle.com for a Discovery Call with Brenna to discuss if you're a fit for this opportunity!

Start date is late May.