A powerful game for coaches and entrepreneurs in services-based businesses.

This game is designed to transform your reality - get you out of your head, beyond your story, and into action.

Many of us have fears around creating money.

This game will forever change your fear into freedom.

Too many people wait for clarity before taking action. In reality, taking action creates clarity.

There’s a TWIST to this game, though.

This is an IMPOSSIBLE GAME that we play to lose - to win. 

Get ready to get uncomfortable and fail more than you’ve ever failed before.

Huh? How is that a GAME?

Too often we get stuck on “how” to achieve what we want. Failure or a “no” can seem crushing. But by moving far beyond your comfort zone, you’ll create extraordinary results.

Imagine what would be possible in your life if you broke through your fears and current financial ceiling?

What would you do? What would you create? Who would you be?

As a former college athlete, I know the power of a game.

I love to use games with my coaching clients because games get you out of your head and into your flow. This powerful state is where opportunities, miracles, and magic happen.

But know that, this game is not for everyone.

You must be willing to fail. To lean into your edge of discomfort and the unknown. Again and again.

And your reward? The freedom, courage, and power of CREATING what you want.

We play as a TEAM.

And together we learn, grow, FAIL, laugh, and exponentially succeed.

Join us!


  • You are a coach or involved in commission-based, direct sales, or client services.
  • You thrive in team environments or miss being part of one.
  • You agree to not let FEAR get in the way of you taking ACTION (It’s okay to FEEL fear, we are human!)
  • You want to make more MONEY.
  • You are committed to playing the game full-out.
  • You've got a playful/competitive spirit and are ready to bring your best for YOU, to the table.


  • You are content with your current income and results you are achieving.
  • You need to have total clarity before diving into action.
  • You think it’d be nice to make more money, but it’s not a must.
  • You don’t like playing games.
  • You’re not willing to “fail” or get back up again when you do.
  • You prefer to do everything on your own.

60 days. One impossible game with a weekly hour long group coaching call transforming your relationship to money, fear, and failure. 

Limited spots available.

Let's play!


$650 USD



Game officially begins Wednesday, June 1st. We end Saturday, July 30th.


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