How to leverage your story into purpose and profits

Hey Beautiful!

I believe that we are each here to teach what we desire to learn in this lifetime. 

The challenges we encounter become the canvas, the motivator, or the driver of our own story.

Years ago when I felt really stuck, I asked myself what it would be like to 'hit rock bottom' because I didn't feel I'd faced obstacles that could help me stand out from the crowd. 

I got what I asked for, and it was literally the worst time of my life. However, it did do the trick as far as lighting a fire under my a** to redirect and refocus myself.

This is when I really learned that the Universe always provides! Good, bad, or ugly. (Not recommended as a strategy, but if you learn by doing, like me, you may be able to relate...)

Look back on a time when you faced an unexpected hurdle in your life. Now fast forward to how it has shaped you today. What opportunity was made possible by the experience?

If you haven’t discovered the learning yet, keep on surfing, sista. Life has a way of giving us exactly what we need, despite preference, to move us forward and into our highest potential. 

Your role is to actively participate and hold the vision of what you want.

What does this actually mean?

Start where you are. Do each and every day all that you can from your current place. No more, no less.

This may mean putting yourself out there in a big way to get visible. Stepping outside of your comfort zone. Slowing down and making self-care your top priority. Leveraging your willpower to commit to a new outcome. Re-evaluating your goals to determine if you’re making the best investment in your long term vision and dreams.

Whatever your answer, make the decision and do something today! It’s only a thought until you actually take action.

Know that the Universe is happening for you, not to you.

Through action, you create space for the Universe to play its part by bridging the gaps and connecting the “Hows”.

Lucky for you, "If you want it all, you cannot do it all." *Big sigh* Isn't that a relief?

So let your hair down, shake your tail feathers, and take one small step today towards living the life of your dreams.

You and your story are enough. There's no need to reinvent yourself. The goal rather, is to unveil the brilliance of who you have always been!

And the even better news? The success of your (soon-to-be) thriving business will exponentially grow as you claim your own story and allow your purpose and vision to lead the way.

Brenna Joelle xo