How to create unstoppable momentum in your biz and life

Everyone starts somewhere.

It’s really easy to look at people who already have the success you desire and think, well, they’re just better at "that" than I could ever be. Or, they’re more experienced, outgoing, creative, smarter, prettier, charismatic, wealthier, etc.

Fill in the blank with your current favorite “reasoning.” ;)

One of the most intimidating first steps towards success is in building your own momentum. Whether that’s a business, a habit, or a hobby.

But once the cash starts rolling in, you feel confident in your own skin, or you achieve a new level of success that formerly appeared inaccessible to you, it’s game on!

So how do you get over that awkward, uncomfortable, and necessary hurdle to greatness?

Hint: It’s an inside job.

As a former college athlete, I can speak directly to comparison-itis, which will stop you and your desires dead in their tracks. Learn to “stay in your own lane” by getting super clear on what YOU want to do, have, or become.

Rather than letting jealously hold you back, use it as fuel. See that others’ achievements or characteristics that you admire are driven by an emotional connection. The elements you recognize in someone else are a reflection of what is available to you, too.

You already possess what you desire.

Next, give yourself more credit. You know more than you think you do. You’ve experienced more than you think you have. And you know, in your heart, what you actually love and want to be doing with your life, if you’re not already. This does require you to be 100% honest with yourself!

Learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. This is just life. Start to see the opportunity and the outcome you desire more clearly than the challenge. When you were a baby learning to walk, how many times do you think you face planted before you actually got it?

Nobody made fun of you, told you were going to fail, that you weren’t enough, or that you’d never make it. In fact, it was probably the exact opposite. And you just kept on doing your thing until you finally figured it out. Good time to check your self-talk as well. Are you your own worst critic?

Know that you literally cannot fail if you put your mind, your will, and your heart towards what you truly want.

Your success is inevitable alongside a clear plan of action.

You need to know your ultimate destination, and then work backwards. If you easily go into overwhelm, your tasks/goals need to be chunked down further into bite-size pieces.

You don’t need to take the biggest step, you just need to take a step. In any direction, in fact.

Recognize what you already know and evaluate where you need support. Ask yourself, who can help me achieve my task, project, or goal? What can you delegate? Where do you need to invest more time, resources, or energy? What is unnecessary, busy work, or inefficient that you need to let go of?

Remember that even with fame, fortune, or success, people are just people.

You have to start somewhere. Is today your day to begin?

Lots of love,
Brenna Joelle xo