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The leader with a heart of gold and passionate desire to transform your world from exactly where you are right now. Learn to use your voice powerfully from home to business to relationships as your greatest vehicle for change.

Are you:

  • Ready to ditch your doormat/passive or challenging/aggressive communication style that leaves you feeling under-appreciated, drained, and frustrated?
  • Done being a people-pleaser and/or rescuer who struggles to be truly honest with yourself and others in uncomfortable situations or when it MOST matters to you?
  • Tired of letting your inner critic run your life?
  • Desire to feel confident, authentic, and certain about speaking up without major fear, shame, doubt, or guilt?
  • Want to set healthy boundaries around your powerful, clear "No"?
  • Desire to joyfully honor your unique self and align your words with how you express yourself?
  • Tired of wearing different hats (or faces) at work, home, and socially and want to show up authentically, confidently, and comfortably in your own skin?
  • Ready to step up your (self)-leadership game and create impact through your most powerful self?

You'll gain the tools, wisdom, and inner confidence to show up as your best self and serve powerfully, when you most need to.

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In this program you'll learn how to:

-Trust your inner voice
Discover what is non-negotiable for you to be happy
-Befriend your 'inner bitch' so she's your #1 fan
-Develop clear communication guidelines and boundaries that work specifically for YOU
-Speak powerfully, vulnerably, and honestly in a way that others are receptive to your wants and needs


  • 4 Weekly Live Calls/Videos (Recorded if you can't make it)
  • Private FB Community for support, Q&As, "Office Hours", and additional resources
  • BONUS: Guest Expert Speaker (TBA)

Time Commitment: Weekly calls will be 60-75 minutes.

What you put in, you will get out of this program. You'll be asked to apply what you learn throughout the week in your real life conversations! You're invited to bring your questions, challenges, and lessons to the group call for live coaching so we can all learn (not required).

My intention is to help you learn communication and inter-personal tools, skills, strategies that specifically work for you, practice them, and integrate what you learn so you can use them for life.

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We begin the week of Feb. 6th, 2017.